BOWIE is a sustainable communications agency based in Amsterdam and New York.

We coach startups to scale-up and find their voice.





Sustainable Communications for the entrepreneurial age.

Build a strategy that identifies your audience, finds your voice, and lets you scale without third party dependencies. Establish data driven messaging and deliver your own results with tailor-made copy style guides. Onboard junior MarComs team members, and empower them to deliver results from Day 1.

  1. Messaging Masterclass
  2. In-House Public Relations
  3. MarComs Coaching for Employees

Reach out here to book a 1/2 hour consult. Sessions can be based anywhere in North America or Europe.


Copywriting designed for dynamic customer profiles within an evolving startup landscape.

Impactful, well-researched written work created for your business. We take the time to understand your audience and your voice, and provide additional coaching alongside each assignment.

We give 100%. If you ask for a blogpost, you'll get research-backed copy, suggested outlets for thought-leadership placement, and the template to write one yourself if you'd like to take a crack at it the next time.

Reach out here for menu and price list. Services can be delivered globally, and we work with translators when necessary.

Behind BOWIE


Camille Denning is the founder of BOWIE, a consultancy that sits at rapid-growth intersection of marketing, media, and tech. Experience in building the communications function for a tech startup turned ASX-listed company enabled Camille an insider's perspective on global growth strategies and the resulting challenges to scale.

It became clear that when a startup disrupts the industry it was born in, traditional communications rarely align. 

As a result, BOWIE was modelled around the sustainable communications approach. Each workshop uses custom strategies and templates that empower clients to continue scaling upwards without third party dependencies. All copy is designed to coach the client as well as deliver results. With BOWIE, we want you to succeed, on your own terms.


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